Streamlined Mini Camera Simplifies Candid Picture Taking

Where photography is concerned, you have a couple of schools of thought. There are those photographers who don’t mind fiddling with a bunch of bells and whistles on their camera, and then there are those who would be happy with just a shutter release button and nothing else on their camera.

The Clap Your Hands camera is the perfect device for that second group. It’s tiny, minimalist and completely simple. There is basically nothing going on other than the shutter button, a tiny lens, a USB connector and a micro SD card slot. Provided you know how to work the memory card and a USB port, the Clap Your Hands camera is probably the simplest in the world to operate.

Capable of taking photos and video and available in six adorable colors, this little camera obviously isn’t meant for the serious photographer. But it would be perfect for kids (or adults) who can’t deal with too many controls and who want to document their world in pictures.

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See more in Camera & Video or under Gadgets. February, 2012.