Spray-On Bandage Closes Even Serious Wounds Instantly


The Mass Effect video games are full of awesome things, but one that we desperately wish we had is Medi-gel. This in-game substance heals wounds instantly, which we’d love to be able to do in the real world. Two students are making this video game fantasy a reality by inventing their own real-world version of Medi-Gel called Veti-Gel. It’s made of plant-based materials which form a sort of artificial skin tissue when applied to a wound, no matter how large the wound might be. The video below shows the salve’s power as it is applied to a piece of raw pork that’s been filled with blood. Caution: the video is kind of disgusting and contains a lot of blood.

Veti-Gel works by sealing off the wound instantly and promoting rapid clotting and healing. According to Joe Landolina and Kenny Mai, the creators of Veti-Gel, the substance is so powerful that it can even stop bleeding on internal organs or major arteries. Veti-Gel is the only product of its kind that is completely plant-based and doesn’t require pressure to be applied to the wound after the gel is smeared on. The two students have formed a company called Suneris to continue working on this miraculous product. Until it hits the market, we’ll just have to be content to keep using Spongebob bandages to protect our surprisingly numerous paper cuts and skinned knees.

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See more in New Materials or under Science. March, 2013.