Spin Me Right Round: Company Presses Cremated Ashes into Playable Vinyl Records

vinyl ashes

Like an eternal tattoo, if you plan on getting yourself turned into a record when you die you had best be careful about what track you want to be remembered by — will it be a one-hit wonder or a timeless classic?

Morbid or amazing depending on your point of view, Ask Studio isĀ an offering of British company Andvinyl that involves pressing your cremains into a series of musical discs.

album ashes

Each record has 24 minutes of audio (12 per side) and a single person’s cremated remains can be turned into up to 30 such discs. You can even pick which body parts become which disc, apparently (though how they separate those out in the cremation process is probably up to you).

Music is not the only option, either — the user supplies the sound, so it can be a song or simply a message to a family member, spouse, friend or other loved one. Labels feature the name, birth and death dates of the deceased. Album artwork can also be customized.

You can even have them shipped to vinyl stores for resale if you’re into that sort of thing (and if the participating shop is game to sell human remains). It’s not cheap (a few thousand dollars) but neither is burial! Pets welcome as well (Pet Cemetery soundtrack, perhaps?).


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