Spacing Out: 8 Insanely Beautiful Pics of Earth From Space

Only those who are privileged enough to travel into space will ever have the opportunity to view Earth from space first-hand. That is a shame since the planet offers up some of the most incredible, beautiful sights imaginable. The views from here on the ground simply do not compare.

These images were all snapped from aboard the International Space Station. Thankfully, the astronauts on board the vessel are more than willing to share their space pictures with those of us stuck here by cruel, cruel gravity.

Some of the pictures show incredibly elegant cloud formations while others display unusual land formations. But they are all, without fail, absolutely breathtaking.

The pictures, posted frequently by NASA, show some of the vast wonders of our home planet. While we could visit most of these places fairly easily, seeing them from the perspective of astronauts is absolutely fascinating.

If seeing these images of Earth from space isn’t enough to convince you of the marvelous beauty and wonder of this floating marble, then maybe nothing is. The completely awesome pictures can remind us of how huge but ultimately tiny our home really is.

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See more in Space & Time or under Science. May, 2011.