Sound Storage: Stick Spare Earbuds in a Spare Set of Ears

We admit it: we’ve gone through quite a few pairs of ear buds because they get hopelessly tangled or lost in the bottom of bags. The somewhat-creepy Earphone Tidy is a weird way to keep your earphones organized and untangled and ready for the next time you want to pull them out and stick them in your own ears.

The Earphone Tidy is shaped like a pair of human ears connected by a chunk of flesh-colored plastic to wind the cord around. The ear buds go into the fake ears where they’re kept safe until the next time you need them.

While the quirky ear-shaped ear phone holders look like a lot of fun, it would be great to see them in different ear types: werewolf, hobbit, elf, Vulcan…there are a ton of possibilities.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. April, 2012.