Social Music Player is a New Spin on the Classic Jukebox

Getting together with friends is an occasion that calls for music more often than not. But that jerk who always plugs his iPod in and refuses to let anyone else share their own music is always kind of a buzzkill. The Social Jukebox is a high-tech version of the old-school jukebox that allowed previous generations to mix up the musical selections all night.

The system consists of a base unit that works rather like the selection arm and record player of a classic jukebox. But the interesting bit is the removable wooden tokens. They somehow store music, though how this part works isn’t explained by the designer. The tokens are stylish enough that they can be put onto jewelry or keychains and carried around daily.

Each token presumably goes to a different person, letting every friend or family member put their favorites into the mix. Then at the next gathering, all of the tokens go into the player, which plays songs randomly from all of the collected playlists. It’s a great-looking concept with somewhat sketchy functional details – luckily, it was a school project and not a product pitch on Shark Tank.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. May, 2012.