Snap-On Accessory Makes iPhone-tography Even Easier

snappgrip iphone accessory

Taking pictures with your iPhone really isn’t difficult, but what if you miss the feeling of a real camera in your hands? The Snappgrip is a snap-on accessory that takes your iPhone 5/5s back in time to become a hand-held camera with a real shutter button and a number of other helpful features.

iphone camera accessory

As the name suggests, the accessory snaps on to the iPhone, giving it a handy grip that you can wrap your fingers around. A wrist strap makes sure that you don’t slip and let your expensive attachment and way more expensive phone fall and break. (Come to think of it, we should probably attach our iPhones to wrist straps all the time since we’re getting sick of paying to replace cracked screens. But we digress.) The attachment even features a tripod mount for serious photography.

snap on phone camera accessory

The grip’s manual controls include flash off/on, zoom in/zoom out, video, and shooting mode. You can switch between landscape and portrait modes, though it isn’t clear if that is a manual control or still requires turning the phone to its side. Snappgrip’s accompanying iOS app will eventually be opened up to developers so they can create custom features. This $70 accessory is fun for those constant iPhone photographers who use their phones as cameras far more than they use them for calls.

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See more in Camera & Video or under Gadgets. March, 2014.