Slick Scanner Concept Takes Things One Page at a Time

If you haven’t quite adopted the whole digital books lifestyle yet but find yourself in need of digital copies of a few pages now and then, the Scan Board concept is kind of a cool idea. Designed by Jo Jae-Hwan and Shin Se-Hwa, the Scan Board works a lot like other portable hand-held scanners, but with one notable difference: it fits in between the pages of a closed book. The glass plate is laid on top of the page that needs to be scanned and then the book is closed.

After pushing the button located in the non-scanning black edge of the device, the user just sits back and waits for a digital copy of the needed page. The data is then transferred to the user’s computer via a USB cable. Overall, the slick-looking design could use a little more refinement before it’s ready to be a fixture in every book lover’s home…but the fun idea and gorgeous styling definitely leave us wanting to see more.

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See more in Computers or under Gadgets. November, 2011.