Sit Down and Go: Exercise Bike-Powered Laptop Desk

Even though we now have more resources available than ever to make our lives easier, many of us can’t seem to find time to squeeze in some exercise every day. Between work, family and social commitments, the day just gets eaten up. This stationary bike workstation can help combine some daily activities with exercise to make it easier to stay fit. In order to power a laptop, portable DVD player or other plug-in gadget, the user has to pedal the bike and create his own electricity.

There are other devices that work in the same way, but the GO!, designed by Rizki Tarisa, can also be used as a lounge chair when your device’s battery is charged or you just feel like resting for a while. The matching adjustable laptop table puts your gadgets right where they need to be.

The designer also took environmental factors into consideration, designing a product that would be made from recycled and biodegradable plastics, eco-friendly paint, and using sustainable manufacturing processes. In addition to cutting down on a household’s grid electricity consumption and keeping that household’s residents fit, this piece of human-powered furniture could also make the planet a greener place.

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See more in Energy & Power or under Science. May, 2010.