Simple System Lets Bikes Use Other Bikes as Kickstands


Not every cyclist enjoys having a kickstand on their bike to prop it up when they stop somewhere. The alternatives are to lean it up against something or, if you’re lucky, to secure it to a nearby bike rack. When neither of those options are available but you’ve got a friend riding with you, the Bicyclick is a handy little thing to have around.

click together bikes

The Bicyclick is a simple two-piece device that attaches to the handlebars of your bike. One piece sports a ball at the end and the other piece, a socket. When you want to stand two or more bikes up, you just click the ball into the socket and the bikes lean against each other.

bicyclick brake band

Multiple bikes can be connected, even if they are different heights. When you’re out travelling with a group, you can click all of your bikes together so no one has to bother with lying their ride down on the ground. A clever little rubber band comes with the device to wrap around your brakes, keeping your bike(s) from wandering off without you.


The¬†Click-Base is meant to give you the same convenience when you’re at home or work. It’s a small plastic piece that attaches to a wall or any other vertical surface to hold your Bicyclick-equipped bike upright. If you live in an apartment or work in an office where you have to keep your bike inside and near you, the Base will keep your walls clear of those annoying black marks.

flat and riser bar bicyclicks

The inventors have already figured out production for straight and riser handlebar versions, but they are raising funds on Kickstarter to start producing the drop handlebar version. A minimum pledge of $25 gets you one Bicyclick set – that is one ball piece and one socket piece for connecting two bikes, or one piece for each of your handlebars to connect with other Bicyclick users.

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. August, 2014.