Shopping Trippy: Folding Bike Transforms Into Trolley

If you’ve ever ridden your bike to the grocery store only to find out with dismay that the store doesn’t provide bike racks, the Amxma Bike could be just what you’ve been wishing for. The sassy little bike folds up into a shopping cart that you can wheel right into the store with you and down each aisle as you make your selections.

When you’re finished with your shopping, you can wheel the bike right back outside, pop it back into riding position and pedal back home. If you’re brave or just don’t have far to go, you can even forgo the plastic bags altogether. Then you’ll save both the gas it would have taken to drive there and the petroleum it would take to make those bags.

The concept of shopping with such a tiny basket may seem a little strange to people in some parts of the world. However, in many countries it’s normal to do the grocery shopping every day or two, making the small basket just the right size. Maybe this sweet, environmentally-friendly invention could even help inspire us to lead healthier lives by encouraging us to eat fresher foods (thanks to the limited cargo capacity) and get regular exercise.

Even if you aren’t into the idea of taking your bike grocery shopping, the Amxma bike is still a nice innovation for cyclists. Most folding bikes are awkward and have to be carried after folding up, but the Amxma easily wheels to wherever you need to take it thanks to an independent third wheel and patented neutral gear motion.

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. June, 2011.