Shadow Hoodie: Sweater Flips to Form Mobile VR Headset

hooded vr

With the flip of a hood, this sweatshirt converts from a modest wearable to a mobile virtual reality platform, allowing users to game anywhere and anytime all with a simple adjustment to the clothes already on their backs.

hooded vr immersive design

The wearable device uses an inbuilt computer, battery and sensors transforming the wearer into a user on demand, a cable-free approach to VR design.

hooded sweater vr suit

The headset covers the eyes but the hood also helps block out external sights, lights and sounds as desired. Sleeve and shoulder sensors and mechanics add a layer of immersive experience, triggering VR-based feedback responses.

hooded vr action

hoodie vr experience

“Shadow is a suite of VR wearables for gamers who desire the most immersive VR experience and interact with others mainly in the virtual space,” said Artefact. “Immersion extends beyond sight – it incorporates the sense of sight, hearing, and touch.”

hooded vr pair

hoodie vr diagram

“VR has the potential to change how we consume content,” Artefact said. “After years of false starts, the technology is finally sophisticated enough to deliver on its promise to help us forget where we are and allow us to experience things we never thought possible.”

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