Segway of the Sky? World’s First Commercial Jetpack

The cry of the disappointed ex-futurist has long been “Where’s my jetpack?” Well, the world has heard our cries and finally, there is a jetpack that any average Joe with a spare $100K can buy, strap on and terrorize neighborhood birds with. New Zealand based Martin Aircraft Company wants to bring the dream of personal aviation to the masses…or at least the wealthy adventurers among us.

So far, the engineering behind the jetpack concept has proven tricky. But Martin seems to have solved the weight-to-thrust ratio problem by keeping the fuel tank small and the jetpack material lightweight. The pack can fly for approximately 30 minutes with its 5-gallon fuel tank and requires only minimal training before one can take flight.

The Martin jetpack is being called “The Segway of the Skies,” which may be a very accurate name considering that the contraption isn’t viable as practical, real-world transportation but is good for some fun. It certainly won’t make you into the next Rocketeer, but you might at least be able to scope out the neighborhood from a new perspective.

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See more in Futuristic or under Technology. November, 2010.
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