See the Music: Nature Sounds Make Psychedelic Designs

visual sounds 8

In true acid trip fashion, Aguasonic Acoustics, a project from software developer Mark Fischer, fuses the senses. This time it takes animal sounds and converts them to create psychedelic art.

visual sounds 9

visual sounds 2

visual sounds 5

Fischer recorded calls from whales, dolphins and birds. The calls were transformed into wavelets, or spirograph-style designs. “The art comes from the sounds themselves,” Fischer told FastCo. “The images are simply wavelet transforms in polar coordinates. I do not apply any manipulation…”

visual sounds 1

visual sounds 3

visual sounds 10

What you are seeing is the visual representation of the myriad of sounds nature gives to us. The whales produce perhaps the most beautiful sounds (both auditory and visually) but the birds and dolphins do create some interesting pictures.

visual sounds 7

visual sounds 6

visual sounds 4

Even though the designs could be made into posters and displayed on the walls of college dorm rooms to be stared at, the designs are real information, just coordinated in a very original way…no black light needed.

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