Screen-Free Digi Camera Encourages Careful Photography

When our cameras contained film and we had to pay to see the results of our snapshots, we tended to be careful with the pictures we took. Today, digital cameras have given us simple and instant access to our photos and we have responded by endlessly snapping away. Although this gives us a better chance to get the perfect shot, it also removes us emotionally from the pictures we take.

The Timeless Capture concept camera from design student Brian Matanda restores that emotional connection by removing the ubiquitous back-of-the-camera LCD display. Instead, snapshots are transferred to a little digital frame over a wireless connection. There is no other way to access the images, making the viewer an essential but physically distinct part of the camera.

Because the photo viewer builds up a collection of personal photos over time, it becomes a rather precious personal object. It is a digital photo album on which the moments of a user’s life are captured. Because there is no instant delete function on the camera, users are inclined to be careful about the pictures they decide to take.

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See more in Camera & Video or under Gadgets. May, 2012.