Scrappiest Art Car Ever: Rad Scrap Metal Gullwing Mercedes

We’re big fans of art cars overall, but once in a while one comes along that makes us drool with a geeky delight usually reserved for new video games. This steampunk-looking Mercedes 300SL Gullwing replica is made entirely of scrap metal and it is jaw-droppingly awesome.

Spotted at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, this incredible labor of love was created by German firm Giganten Aus Stahl (“Giants of Steel”). It is a stunning full-scale replica of a gorgeous car, displaying all kinds of cogs and gears and other bits and bobs of metal that add up to a fascinating work of art.

This isn’t the type of art that you can just take home and hang up on the living room wall, however. The amazing (and likely way, way heavy) art car carries an equally amazing price tag of around $96,000.

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See more in Art Vehicles or under Transportation. September, 2011.