Ring it Up: Techy Jewelry Makes Touch Screens a Snap

It seems like just about everything has a touch screen interface these days. While you would think that touching the screen to control every function might be as easy as it could possibly get, the Ringbow concept could make it even simpler to operate all of your touchscreen gadgets. It’s a small device that fits on your index finger to enhance and improve your touch commands.

The Ringbow, invented by Efrat Barit and Saar Shai, adds mouse-like abilities to your pointing finger. A single button on the side, within the reach of your thumb, can be manipulated five ways: up, down, left, right and pushed in. These directions can all be programmed to perform different functions in conjunction with your touch commands.

For example, if a single touch opens your browser, the same touch plus a left movement of the Ringbow button can open your browser to a specific page. The button can be used to scroll, toggle screens and even provide essential functions within games. The device is still in development, but it could eventually be used to control touch-screen gadgets from a distance, eliminating the need to touch the screen at all for certain functions.

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See more in Computers or under Gadgets. May, 2011.