Rest Elbows Not Armpits: Ergonomic Arm-Friendly Crutches

crutch in use

Designed to make walking with mobility assistance less painful and more comfortable, these crutches employs flexible armbands that are easier to hold in place and distribute weight to parts of the body more capable of carrying it.

Users are are not locked or strapped into the staffs but rather slipped into place; they also make it easy for people to go into a hands-free mode for holding phones, drinks or other objects as well as opening doors.

crutch strap detail

Flexible straps can be moved along the length of the cradle, customized to user preference. Lifting arms and shifting positions is also made easy. None of this setup requires any kind of specialized tools or complex procedures for operation – the focus with each component, and the whole, is on usability and flexibility of use.

future crutch

More from the makers: “the ‘m+d crutch’ comes with a standard foot designed to absorb some of the shock of each step. the tread and material flexibility allow the crutch’s foot to conform to the ground and grip it to prevent slipping.”

crutch changeable feet

“The standard foot can be easily removed and replaced with other feet designed for various terrains and activities. alternative feet will be available in the future.”

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See more in Medical Marvels or under Science. January, 2016.