Responsive Exoskeleton Lets Users “Feel” Virtual Realities


Seeing is believing for some VR users, but to truly top off the virtual reality experience one needs to be able to touch imaginary worlds, which the Dexmo exosuit lets users do. Made by Dexta Robotics, this exoskeleton provides tactile feedback in response to what users are seeing and interacting with in virtual environments.


The system also enhances usability, its fingertip-level force working in both directions – users can feel feedback but the game or other environment can also respond more minutely and accurately to user inputs, completing the experience.


The trick behind the tech is to couple fast-acting sensors and a light-touch frame that provides flexibility but also translates inputs precisely. Bonus: the whole system is wireless. For now, the critical limitations are in the software, which is being worked on by the team prior to public market release.

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See more in Gaming & Geek or under Gadgets. October, 2016.