Recycled Nintendo Gear For the Geektacular Home Office

The nostalgia surrounding Nintendo systems and games knows no bounds, which is good news for those of us who grew up playing those iconic pieces of video game history. Etsy sellers RecycledRetroGear agree; their shop is full of rad Nintendo gadgets like the wall clock above. It’s made from a genuine recycled Nintendo Advantage Joystick that’s been gutted and re-filled with clock parts.

The store is full of little gems like flash drives made from Gameboy cartridges or key chains made from original NES connectors. For the hardcore retro gamer, this stuff is like geek gold.

One of the coolest items offered up by RecycledRetroGear is this external memory unit made from old NES cartridges. Available in sizes up to 1 TB of memory, the memory cartridges are USB-powered and would look wicked on any gamer’s desk.

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See more in Gaming & Geek or under Gadgets. June, 2011.
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