Recordable Snow Globe Lets You Make Your Own Memories

snow globe memories

People traveling to new and exciting destinations are often compelled to take something home with them, something that reminds them of that trip. Every time they look at that object, they are reminded of the moments spent in that special destination. Snow globes are a particularly popular souvenir, available in nearly shop in tourist towns. Lana Z. Porter’s “Floating Signifier” manages to be nearly the opposite of the traditional snow globe.

recordable snow globes

Instead of coming with a pre-determined memory attached, these snow globes let you fill them with your own memories. You “fill” them with images, video, and audio clips from your journeys (the method by which this is done is unclear). A base unit uses RFID to identify which globe is placed on it. After you pick up a glob and shake it, the projector in the base unit then plays little clips from that selected trip. As the snowflakes all fall to the bottom of the globe, the memory fades away on the projector…until you choose another memory to relive.

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See more in Art of Tech or under Technology. August, 2013.