Rad Retro Re-Dos: Ten Tantilizing Movie Posters by Eric Tan

retro movie posters

Remember the golden age of movie posters? They were detailed, beautiful works of art that told a story all on their own. That art has mostly been lost to unimaginative graphic designers who recycle the same photograph poses over and over or simply rely on Photoshop to throw together a passable product. Eric Tan, a Disney animator, hasn’t lost his enthusiasm for the movie poster. He creates gorgeous posters for modern movies in a rad retro animation style.

wall-e movie posters 3

wall-e movie posters 1

wall-e movie posters 2

These Wall-E posters take the guise of advertisements for Buy n Large, the Axiom ship, or services on the ship. They’re so stylish and cheery that they resemble a real-life advertisement from the 1950s.

indiana jones movie posters

Indiana Jones and company take on a whole new look in these movie posters for Raiders and Temple of Doom. Tan’s signature retro movie poster style gives a whole new spin to these classic movies.

disney princess movie posters

According to Tan, The Little Mermaid was a big influence to his eventual career. The movie revitalized the animation industry and inspired Tan to become an animator. So when he and several other Disney animators were asked to recast the Disney princesses, he couldn’t pass up the chance to portray them in his favorite setting: movie posters.

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