Put a Cork In It! Digital Bottle Stopper Watches Your Wine

Some of us have no problem finishing a bottle of wine once it’s opened. But if you really only want a glass at a time, Winery is a high-tech bottle stopper that can keep you informed on just how good the wine will taste minute by minute.

The Winery concept was designed by Kwang-wi Park and Eun-ji Lim. The bottle stopper fits into the mouth of the wine bottle and sports a digital display on its top. On the itty-bitty screen you can see when the bottle was opened, what temperature it’s being stored at and by what date it should be consumed.

The neat little gadget even lets you keep track of your wine’s condition when you aren’t next to it. Since it’s wi-fi equipped, it uses your home network to send information to your mobile phone. It may not be a necessity, but the Winery would definitely add some high-tech bragging rights to your wine collection.

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See more in Unbuilt Concepts or under Technology. October, 2011.
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