Plastered: New Invisible Speaker Can Be Built Into Walls

amina 2

The trend of prominently displaying your home stereo system has faded into the realm of tackiness. Whether it’s the wall-mounted squares of the classic Bose surround sound system (were we supposed to believe those speakers were unobtrusive, floating up there in the corner?) or, god forbid, the old component towers, these systems have antiquated connectivity and are very aesthetically unpleasing. Amina Technologies has a very modern solution.

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The company’s iQ series works like modern electronic instruments – electrical engineering is crossed with acoustic sound manipulation. Best of all,  the AIW5X Dual-Channel speaker is flat, can be built into walls and in a world first, can be covered with up to 2mm of plaster. They quite literally become invisible. Amina’s website claims they offer more creative freedom by “allowing designers and builders a very high quality wall or ceiling finish ready to accept a decoration of choice (paint, paper, etc).” Are they expensive? Of course. But the sound quality and uses for the AIW5X are enough to no doubt attract a myriad of sound enthusiasts.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. December, 2013.
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