Pixel Party! Classic Video Games Come Out to Play in 3-D

These days, a lot of video games look creepily close to real life. But back when we were kids and the technology was a little bit more limited, video game designers had to use their imaginations and create new realities.

Photographer Patrick Runte takes video game scenes out of the realm of pixellated fantasy and into the real world. His Jump ‘N Run series features 3D recreations of iconic video games.

Not surprisingly, most of the games don’t make a comfortable transition to the real world. They look strange and out of place liberated from their consoles and screens.

The displaced sprites and shapes go about their regular business: chasing, shooting, fitting together and so forth just as if they were still back in the arcade machine.

Pac-Man, our personal favorite of the series, looks the most comfortable out in the 3D realm – he just keeps running from ghosts and chasing pellets as always.

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See more in Gaming & Geek or under Gadgets. May, 2012.