Picturing the Music: Nature Sounds Music Player + Projector

Listening to soothing music is made even better when there are soothing nature images to go along with it. The Sound Scape concept from designers Hyunsoo Choi, Hyori Kim and Gisung Han is a music player/projector that uses sounds and images to help the listener feel connected to nature. Of course, you don’t have to listen to whale songs or sounds of the forest on it for the experience to be relaxing.

The main unit is an oblong object with a hole near the top which houses a speaker and a projector. Five small removable pieces fit into that hole: four satellite speakers and a unique remote control. When removed, the speakers sit on the table and define the area that the projected images will appear in. A position sensor in the main unit reads where each speaker is and adjusts the picture accordingly.

The remote control is a small cylinder that works on gestures. Gesturing to the left or right with the remote in one’s hand will skip to the previous or the next song, while a circle in one direction stops the music and a circle in the other direction starts it.

In the back of the main unit are a USB port, an SD card slot and in/out ports: everything you need to add new music and video to this unique music player. It is easy to see how this would find only a limited market if it ever makes it out of the concept stage, but it’s often unique ideas like this that take the world by storm.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. June, 2010.
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