Peek Inside the Plastic: Ethereal X-Ray Images of Toy Guts

helicopter gun

Photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick has a keen eye for what’s inside of ordinary items. In his new series, he uses an x-ray machine to capture a unique aspect of sweet plastic childhood toys.



fighter jet

Fitzpatrick’s unusual images answer the childhood questions many of us had about what’s inside our favorite toys: wires, batteries, screws, lots of plastic, some light bulbs, and some miscellaneous electronic bits.

blue robot

big blue robot

orange robot

Using x-rays in place of traditional camera images gives the mundane objects an otherworldly spin. They are no longer brightly colored plastic playthings; they become lovely, ethereal things with a slight air of mystery about them.

orange toy gun

green robot

dragon gun

Fitzpatrick’s other x-ray series include flowers and creatures. While the images are taken directly from standard x-ray machines, the photographer uses artificial coloring to emphasize and differentiate different parts of each object. More of Brandan Fitzpatrick’s stunning work can be found on his Behance profile.

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