Pain-Free Immunization Leaves a Happy Mark on Baby’s Skin

vacc-stamp main image

Taking a baby to get routine vaccinations is often a traumatic experience for both baby and parent. The VACC-STAMP is a smart invention that would make immunizations a lot less painful for babies and a lot less stressful for their parents.

VACC-STAMP for babies and parents

The VACC-STAMP is a small square device that delivers painless vaccinations via a tiny needle. The inventors say that the microneedle is so small the baby won’t even feel it.

painless immunization concept for babies

At the same time as the vaccine is being administered, a “stamp” of anti-inflammatory and disinfectant material is put onto the surface of the baby’s skin. These medications help prevent irritation or infections at the injection site.

pain free immunizations for babies

The stamp happens to be in the shape of a heart, reminding parents that, even if immunizations are a little stressful, they are necessary to keep babies healthy.

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See more in Unbuilt Concepts or under Technology. June, 2013.