Out of Outlets? Plug-Anywhere Interior Wall Power Strip

node multiple wall plug

Traditional wall outlets are ugly and can’t accommodate many AC adapters, leaving you hunting for new places to stash your gadgets while they’re charging. One Japanese company has a fresh idea for how to make the lowly wall outlet look like a positively stylish part of your living space. Node 12050, an innovative wall outlet design from design firm Metaphys, lets you plug in several AC adapters with none of the awkward jockeying for outlet space that you have come to expect from standard wall outlets. It’s like a power strip, but prettier.

node multiple wall plug 2

Of course, like most new concepts, there may be a few kinks to work out. Node 12050 may or may not be as sturdy as our typical wall plugs, perhaps posing a safety hazard from plugs falling out of the grooves. There is no space for the third “ground” prong common to many American appliances. And there’s an obvious safety risk that goes along with an electrical outlet that doesn’t look like an outlet – imagine a curious child exploring those two continuous grooves with a sharp object. But to be fair, some risks are present with conventional outlets, as well. And since this product isn’t currently being offered for American homes, it’s a moot point for those of us living in the US.

node multiple wall plug 3

One of the coolest things about Node 12050 is the indicator light in the middle which turns red when the power load is getting to be too much. The light alerts you before a power surge takes place, which is great if you happen to be watching the outlet at all times. And who knows – with such an attractive outlet, you may just want to.

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