Opening Your Mailbox May Be Electronic Music to Your Ears

music playing electronic postcard

Getting music from a postcard, while not a crazy idea, is something not expected from a society that consumes music in almost any way, shape or form. You certainly wouldn’t expect it to contain circuitry that enables it to play and record music. UK-based communications agency Uniform has created a clever system that lets you hear a recorded voice and music from a paper postcard.

musical postcards


The Postcard Player has conductive inks that interact with the flat printed circuit. When placed into a specialized dock, the printed circles at the bottom act as play and stop buttons. It’s a pretty neat way to distribute music. It would be cool to open your mailbox and see a postcard that can lift your spirits in an extremely original way – or even to distribute new music to potential new fans.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. June, 2013.