Numberless Timepiece Lets You Watch Time Pass in Words

word based wristwatch

Designers Biegert & Funk have given your classic hand-dial watch a personal assistant. The QLOCKTWO W watch gives you the time in descriptive phrases like “It is Half Past Seven.” This worded timepiece has re-written how we watch time.

qlocktwo wearable wristwatch

It’s a smaller, portable re-make of the Qlocktwo wall clock that maintains the unique word-based time telling method. The square face features no numbers, but 110 letters. When you press a button on the side, the appropriate letters light up to spell the time in English, German or French.

qlocktwo watch

The Qlocktwo W can even display the date or the seconds that are slowly ticking by. It’s a rather more sophisticated and modern way to tell time than the typical number-loaded watch face.

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See more in Clocks & Watches or under Gadgets. May, 2013.