Not Available on the App Store: Stickers for Real Life

tire swing not available on app store

Although technology has made our lives infinitely easier, it has also increasingly disconnected us from the real world. We play games on our handheld devices that simulate fishing, farming, cooking, and playing sports – but how often do we do those things in real life anymore? Students Caio Andrade, Rafael Ochoa, and Lynn Livijn Wexell have come up with a brilliant way to remind us to unplug and enjoy real life.

dog not available on app store

foosball table not available on app store

The students’ project is a sticker that reminds us that games and apps are no substitute for real-life experiences. It’s a parody of the “Available on the App Store” images that we see far too often. The stickers say simply “Not Available on the App Store” with the stylized picture of the iPhone which accompanies the original Apple badge. The idea is to put the stickers on anything and everything that is fun in real life and should be experienced in meatspace, not cyberspace.

playground slide not available on app store

push toy not available on app store

In the students’ photos, playground staples like the slide, swings, sandbox and bouncy ride-on toys all get the “Not Available on the App Store” treatment. The reminders are equally poignant for kids and for adults. If you’ve ever seen those parents at the playground with their eyes glued to their iPhones rather than playing with their children, these half funny/half serious stickers could be a gentle reminder to sign off for a bit, put the phone in the pocket, and just take in the beauty that is real life.

play fort not available on app store

bouncy toy not available on app store

not available on the app store stickers

The stickers are available for purchase from the students’ website, but they’ve also made the files available for free so you can have them printed yourself in a variety of sizes.

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