Nintendo Controller Trophies Will Make You Win Harder

nes controller trophies

When you and your friends get together for your monthly Nintendo Duck Hunt competition, don’t you wish there was something better to give the winner than an extra beer? Thanks to Etsy seller Woody6Switch, you can start handing out trophies for first, second and third place, along with some participation ribbons for the friends who suck.

felt bottoms

The gold, silver, and bronze trophies are all made of real Nintendo game controllers. They’re mounted on sturdy acrylic bases with felt-covered bottoms that won’t scratch up your mantle. Then the whole assembly is spray painted with metallic colors to indicate who rules the most, the second most, and the very least.

nintendo controller trophies and medals

For the folks who don’t make the top three, Woody6Switch has also kindly included some also-ran prizes: three runner-up medals made of Nintendo controller plugs and cords.

backs of nintendo controller trophies

As the seller points out, these awesome trophies aren’t just for Nintendo-themed tournaments. They can be handed out to any geeky, nerdy, or video-game loving winners no matter what they did to deserve them. Or you could just hoard them all and declare yourself the supreme winner of everything.

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