Night Light: Walking Map App Takes You Along Lit Areas

rudder get home safe

Never walk through darkened alleyways or sidestep through unsafe side streets again with this clever new app that emphasizes lighting over shortest routes when walking you from Point A to Point B. “Rudder makes it easy to travel wherever your nocturnal adventures take you by finding you the most well-lit path to your destination, be it your apartment, the library, or a nearby food hub. With Rudder, long walks down dark alleys and fake phone calls with your mom are a thing of the past.”

rudder safe night travle

Currently in beta, Rudder uses API data and a built-in light meter (using the phone’s camera) to show users both the best-illuminated path to their destination as well as the amount of light that is actually shining along their route. Functional for those trying to stay safe, the app can also be used by those with impaired vision who want to stay somewhere they can see effectively. Eventually, the app may be expanded to include features that show others where you are, letting them make sure you are making it home safely.

rudder app dark streets

Designer Hannah Dow started by looking at college campuses: “Young students often have a hard time getting their bearings. They might be new to that city, and have to try to find their way between all these different buildings. We’re hoping that students will use our app not just to help them get to know their environments, but to make smarter decisions about where they are walking, especially at night.”

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See more in Phones & Mobile or under Gadgets. May, 2015.