Next-Gen Radar Detector Spots Cops & Stoplight Cameras

radar red light ticket system

Going well beyond just being a ‘radar detecting’ device, this high-tech gizmo uses multiple strategies to identify not just speed traps with police vehicles but also warning you of┬áred light intersection┬áticketing cameras.

hide red light radar detector

The makers of 360 Max are so confident in their all-in-one solution they even attach a warranty to the device: if you get a ticket while using it, the company will reimburse you for your trouble.

new radar detector device

Unlike classic radar detectors which search different frequency bans for radar signals, this gizmo stays on the lookout for overhead aircraft and ticketing cams, all while avoiding false positives (a bane of old devices). It also tells you the direction and distance of a perceived threat, letting you know where to look or what to worry about. A magnetic mount lets you quickly slip the gadget out of view when pulled over.

red light camera system

It does this with a combination of techniques, including AutoLearn, a self-educating system that logs frequencies and locations and assesses their threat levels. Another key to the system is its secretive database of red light cameras, derived from third-party sources. Air patrols are the trickiest since they can be out of range of the device, so for now the database contains maps of known areas of coverage.

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