Museum Lets You See Your iPhone Finger Tricks in Action

gestures 1

“There are five multi-touch gestures forming the language we use between our fingers and iPhone screens.” This is the reductive description given by Royal College of Art student Gabriele Meldaikyte for her 2013 exhibition at London’s V&A Museum.

gestures 2

Her models, as opposed to her explanation of them, take simple movements and illustrate them in a more circuitous manner. The classic motions are the focus of the exhibition; tap, swipe, scroll, pinch and flick are all represented in analog form. The wood and acrylic representations are a physicist’s dream. They’re like mini simple machines for the digital age.

gestures 3

Originally from Lithuania, the installation was part of Meldaikyte’s work as a student studying on Platform 17 of MA Design Products at the RCA in London. “I believe that in ten years or so these gestures will completely change, therefore my aim is to perpetuate them so they become accessible for future generations,” she told Dezeen.

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