Movie Multiplier: Dock Makes iPhone Movie Watching Easier

Trying to watch a movie on your iPhone is kind of like driving a golf cart to work: it gets the job done, but in the most inconvenient way possible. If you’re set on using your iPhone for movies, though, the Mini Cinema from Faces is a helpful way to make the experience a little more pleasant.

The Mini Cinema is basically a non-powered dock fitted with a magnifier and an amplifier. Your iPhone nestles in the middle so the plastic magnifying screen can turn the movie on your phone into a slightly larger-looking movie.

The amplifier makes the phone’s audio a bit more robust, making it easier to share your movie-viewing experience with someone else. The Mini Cinema is a neat tool, particularly if you want to watch movies on your phone with another person (which is virtually impossible under normal circumstances) but we aren’t convinced this non-electronic gadget is worth the hefty $68 price tag.

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See more in Phones & Mobile or under Gadgets. October, 2012.