Miss the 90s? This Synth Lets You Re-Live the Dial-Up Days

music modem

If you are as old as we are, you may have fond memories of the screechy sounds of dial-up modems. Remember waiting for the modem to dial out and listening to the beep booop beeeeeeeeeps before you were finally connected?

modem sounds synthesizer


We’re definitely better off with modern technology, but it’s a nostalgia thing. Think Geek feels the same way, and they are now carrying a product that recreates those eardrum-piercing sounds of yesteryear.

The Music Modem is a novelty synthesizer that plays older modem sounds, newer modem sounds, or regular, boring music sounds. One of the main selling points is the annoyance factor: play a long series of modem noises and you’re sure to get under people’s skin. But we think you’d also be able to create some pretty awesome tunes with this little box of nostalgia.

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