Mind Reading Helmet Detects Evil Terrorist Plans at Airports

Taking your shoes off and throwing away your brand new bottle of water might not be the only hassle you have to deal with when passing through an airport in the near future. In fact, airport authorities might just take to reading your very thoughts to figure out whether you are a harmless passenger or someone intent on causing mayhem in the air. A company called Veritas Scientific is adapting existing technology to this new goal of mind-reading.

The concept involves a helmet with brush-like metal sensors on the inside. These sensors take the place of the gel and electrodes typically used in EEG (electroencephalogram) readings. The wearer is shown various images on a visor inches in front of his or her face, and the EEG measures the level of recognition registered by the brain. The images shown could be anything from a terrorist leader’s face to plans for a bomb or any number of other nefarious objects. When the brain gives of tell-tale, uncontrollable waves indicating recognition, security personnel will know who to pull out of line for questioning.

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See more in Futuristic or under Technology. July, 2012.