Mad Mod: Turning a Vintage Typewriter into a USB Keyboard

Once upon a time, offices were filled with the heavy “clack-clack-clack-DING!” of typewriter keys. The sound was jarring, but now that it has been replaced with the wimpy muted “tappa-tappa-tappa” of computer keyboards, we kind of miss it. Classic typewriters are also way cooler to look at than most computers, as evidenced in this awesome project from Instructables user jackzylkin.

These instructions teach you how to turn an old typewriter into a USB keyboard for your modern computer. If you have the skills to pull it off (and it takes some know-how) it’ll take a good five to ten hours to complete, but it will be worth the time investment. If you’re not the modding type, you can buy ready-made USB typewriters here. Just imagine greeting your boss in the morning with a tip of your porkpie hat and a flick of your cigar before turning back to the hulking behemoth of a typewriter on your desk.

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See more in Computers or under Gadgets. October, 2010.