MacGuyver to Go: Tiny Take-Anywhere Pocket DIY Kit

DIY Altoid Tin

What crafter or DIY geek hasn’t been caught without their toolbox when inspiration strikes? There’s nothing worse than having to delay making or fixing something really great just because you left your gear at home. Brilliant Instructables user =Smart= came up with the perfect solution: make a tiny DIY kit in an Altoids tin that can go (almost) everywhere with you.

DIY Altoid Tin contents

Currently the tools in the tin include: a mini craft knife, superglue, a pencil, a notepad, matches and striker, sewing kit, a metal file, a button cell battery, four different colored LEDs, resistors, wire, shrink tubing, 2 crocodile clips, sandpaper, duct tape, electrical tape, mini scissors, a magnet, a screw/nail holder, a tiny saw, 2 zip ties, and a candle.

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See more in Do It Yourself or under Technology. September, 2009.