Like It? DIY Reddit Upvote Button Voices Your Opinion

For those of us who love cool stuff but don’t want to bother slogging through all of the non-cool stuff on the interwebs, sites like Reddit are the fastest way to find interesting things to waste time on. But clicking on those upvote/downvote arrows seems pretty low-tech, right? Good thing Chris at The New Hobbyist decided to make a mini keyboard with the sole purpose of adding votes to Reddit items.

The little USB device features two keys: a red “upvote” arrow and a blue “downvote” arrow. Using a Teensy development board and the Reddit Enhancement Suite (which lets you program custom keystrokes to perform Reddit functions) Chris created the awesome project based on a similar device he’d seen. The body of the device was custom printed on a 3D printer so that it is just big enough for the board and the two buttons. The creator shared detailed instructions for his cool invention here – so in no time you can Reddit like the wind.

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See more in Do It Yourself or under Technology. August, 2011.