Lightly Artistic: Cool Ceiling LEDs Let You Paint With Light

Now that LEDs are getting smaller, brighter and more affordable, they’re being used in all kinds of applications. This is the first time we can honestly say that we’re seeing a brand new application for these long-lasting lights. The concept, from designer Seo Dong-Hun, is called Draw the Lights, and it uses LEDs mounted to a ceiling along with something called a “light brush” to let you create customized lighting setups or even unique art.

We can’t even begin to imagine how much it would cost to install something like this, given the large number of LEDs that it would take to make an interesting display, but we’re betting it would be worth every penny. The “light brush” needs only to be activated and pointed at the ceiling to turn on individual lights, letting you paint with light. It would definitely be the best conversation-starter at your next party.

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See more in Various Gizmos or under Gadgets. March, 2010.
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