Lifeblogging Overload: Wearable Cam Records Every Second

We’ve all become accustomed to cell phone cameras recording every significant (and not-so-significant) moment in everyone’s lives, but important moments area easy to miss when you have to dig your phone out and start the recording. The Looxcie Wearable Video Camera makes sure that you never miss a moment of anything – ever. It’s a tiny camera that records constantly, eliminating the need to get a camera out when something cool is going on.

The small camera hooks over the ear and records everything at roughly your eye level. It’s not meant to be a family video camera on which you store years and years of footage; it only stores up to four hours of video and begins deleting older stuff after that. And when you see something that you totally have to share, you just press a little button and the camera sends the previous 30 seconds of footage via Bluetooth to your mobile phone.

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See more in Camera & Video or under Gadgets. September, 2010.
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