Key Ring Opens With a Simple Touch, Saves Your Fingernails

Broken and chipped fingernails definitely aren’t the worst things that can happen to a person. But they’re annoying enough to make us dread having to fumble with key rings. Especially in the middle of winter when we take the car key off of the ring every morning to warm up the car before heading out, we start dreaming of a better design to hold our keys together.

The Free Key is a brilliantly simple upgrade to the standard key ring design. It features three layers of metal, with the middle layer having a small bump. You push the top layer down over this bump to give the metal some leverage. The end of the key ring then lifts up easily, giving you room to slip your key right in there with no need to involve your poor fingernails at all.

What’s really freaky about Free Key is the fact that it is quite expensive. It’s €8 (or around $11 US) for the main key ring and three small removable rings. Still, if you find yourself always adding and removing keys to your ring it just might be worth the money to ease that constant frustration.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. February, 2012.