iPet Companion: Play Live Online with Needy Shelter Cats

ipet toy user interface

A web app interface made available for free to qualifying cat shelters around the country allows people from all over the world to queue up and interact with feline friends in need of entertainment.

i pet cat toys

Users can engage different toys and cause them to move in various directions, occupying the time of kitties waiting for adoption and encouraging participants to become adopters as well.

ipet module

Cats may not care too much about whether their owner is around, but they do need stimulation and interaction, hence the development of iPet Companion. Anyone interested in playing this uniquely ‘real’ game can check out the list of participating shelters and humane societies on their website.

ipet companion website

The technology can also be employed by cat owners looking to stay connected to their pets from work or distant travel destinations. More from the company: “iPet Companion is the world’s first interactive, web-based pet toy. We Allow users from anywhere in the world the ability to play with animals awaiting adoption in humane societies located across America by controlling a camera and moving toys, in real-time, right from their computer. We aim to improve the lives of shelter pets with a more active lifestyle, higher adoption rates, and increased donations to shelters.”

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See more in Art of Tech or under Technology. December, 2015.