Ingenious Beer Delivery System Fills Cups From Bottom Up

Any time you order a beer in a crowded venue there is the risk that you will either wait for what seems like an eternity or wind up with a hastily-poured beverage that consists of mostly foam. This incredible invention would do away with both the waiting and the disappointment of a poorly-poured beer by filling plastic cups up from the bottom with amazing speed.

The Bottoms Up beer cup uses a hole in the bottom to deliver precisely the right amount of beer from a special dispenser. Once the cup is full, a clever magnetic disk closes off the hole and creates a water-tight seal that holds the precious beverage until you can polish it off. Pouring beers in this way lets a bartender pour significantly more drinks in the same amount of time and results in a perfect head on every single glass of beer.

Besides delivering the perfect drink over and over and in record time, the magnetic disks would provide the perfect advertising platform. GrinOn Industries, the company behind the ingenious bartending invention, says that the device could be used at festivals, concerts, sporting events, food vendors and even regular bars. The novelty of the beer delivery system would not only attract curious customers; it would keep them coming back over and over to watch the amazing backwards beer pouring machine.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. December, 2010.