Info-Tracking Sleep Mask Helps You Improve Sleep Quality

electronic sleep mask

A good night’s sleep is known to be the magical cure for everything from boredom to a broken heart. Sleeping poorly or waking up groggy can nearly ruin an otherwise lovely sleep, however. An electronic sleep mask from Warsaw-based company IQ Intelclinic can help you improve the quality of your sleep and ensure that you wake up at exactly the right moment.

zizz sleep mask app

The ZizZ mask contains a number of electrodes that measure a sleeper’s vital information. Eye movement, brainwaves, and muscle tension are all monitored by the mask and the accompanying smartphone app. When you wake up, the app will give you detailed information about the length and quality of your sleep.

sleep improving mask

The trick to waking up feeling perfectly refreshed is to stop sleeping right after the end of a full REM (rapid eye movement) cycle. The ZizZ keeps track of your REM cycles and wakes you gently via a series of gradually intensifying LED lights and vibrations. The mask can even be used to streamline your daily naps, which are said by the mask’s creators to be just as important as a full night’s sleep.

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