Hysterically Weird Short Video is Masterfully Mind Melting


It should come as no surprise that we’re pretty big fans of tech-heavy art. Terri Timely and Park Pictures created this seriously amazing short film that warps reality to the point of complete nonsense.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 9.45.29 AM

Input/Output uses clever graphics to manipulate mundane scenes. Instead of a milkshake being slurped up, the glass it’s in disappears instead. Rather than dispensing paste, a toothpaste tube shoots gas and fire.

We love the total absurdity of the images – but even more so, we love how beautifully and seamlessly the filmmakers brought the images together. It’s the sometimes-unexpected ridiculousness of life that makes our days happy.

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See more in Art of Tech or under Technology. October, 2015.

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