Hyperion: World’s Tallest Tree Lies in a Hidden Location

worlds tallest tree

Hyperion is a coastal redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) in Northern California,  measured at 379 feet, making it the tallest known living tree on the planet, but its location is a secret.

tallest tree comparison structures

Discovered in 2006, one might expect to find this monumental tree prominently marked on a map, but, in fact, its spot in the Redwood National and State Parks system is concealed for its protection.

Tourist, hiker, admiring the Giant Sequoia trees, Sequoiadendron giganteum, on the Big Trees trail, Round Meadow, Sequoia National Park, Sierra Nevada, California, USA, United States of America

The worry goes: people would not only pose a potential threat to the tree, but in getting to it would disturb the surrounding ecosystem as well. So unless you are a researcher, naturalist, park ranger of elite photographer, you may have to satisfy yourself with pictures and speculation of this unique world wonder.

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